Billy Raffoul – A Few More Hours At YYZ

Review by Dom Vigil

It’s strange to think that Billy Raffoul made his debut on Interscope Records only three years ago, especially when hearing the refined sounds and dynamic range on his new EP, A Few More Hours at YYZ. Not only does each song on the short but sweet EP have a very distinct sound and mood of its own, but each track also wonderfully showcases Raffoul’s soulful, moody and powerful vocal abilities.

Opening the EP is the stunning title track, “A Few More Hours.” The perfect intro to the songs that follow, “A Few More Hours” starts with simple, creaking instrumentals and soft, raspy vocals before building and building into a massive crescendo and full band. Not only does the song evolve in a truly cinematic way, but Raffoul’s vocal work on this song alone makes the EP worth listening to, from his high falsettos to the deeper lows.

Following “A Few More Hours,” the EP just keeps getting better and better, too. “Without Falling In Love” picks up the pace with upbeat, programmed drums and a chorus that you’ll want to sing along with. Contrasting perfectly with this is “In The Deep End,” a hushed, dark, sensual track that continues to highlight Raffoul’s vocal prowess. The following song, “Kingston, ON” takes a step away from the songs that come before it, relying only on finger-picked guitar and Raffoul’s voice. The stripped down track is a nice change of pace compared to the two upbeat songs that come before it, highlighting the strong backbone of Raffoul’s music.

Wrapping up A Few More Hours at YYZ are the stunning final two songs, “In The Name Of Love” and “It’s A Beautiful Life.” Easily the largest feeling song on the album, “In The Name Of Love” is sure to become a fan-favorite with a sing-along worthy chorus and relatable lyricism. “It’s A Beautiful Life” ends things on a bright note, too, making the EP feel incredibly well rounded and full, despite the fact that it’s only six songs in length. For any other artist, an EP filled with six distinctly different sounding sounds might come off as inconsistent or choppy, but Billy Raffoul has mastered this release, creating a snapshot of sounds that not only find him stepping outside of his comfort zone a little but also serve as a perfect taste-test for future releases.

LISTEN TO “A Few More Hours” or “Without Falling In Love”