Donna Missal – Lighter

Lighter, the new album from Donna Missal, is a timeless collection of vulnerable, powerful songs that find the singer/songwriter rising from the ashes and finding self-acceptance. Using her debut album, This Time as a pushing-off point, Lighter finds Donna Missal truly discovering her sound, showcasing her spectacular vocal abilities and opening up lyrically for ten cohesive and memorable tracks.

As a whole, Lighter explores heartbreak, destruction and the aftermath of ill-fated relationships. The album’s ten songs chronicle Missal picking up the pieces of past loves, from the soft, stunning opener to the empowering “Hurt By You” and the heartbreaking, “Let You Let Me Down.” These songs find Missal at her most vulnerable and emotionally raw, but they also find her at her strongest and most confident, as well. Songs like “Hurt By You” and “Best Friend” are sure to become feel-good breakup anthems while “Carefully” and “Bloom” might be best suited for a good, long cry.

Sonically, Lighter is a home run, too. The consistency throughout the entire album makes for a very smooth listen without any songs that sound unexpected or out of place. Those expecting to hear a dynamic release that covers a wide array of genres might be disappointed, but there’s no denying that Donna Missal has certainly found her niche and made it work on this release. Many of the songs have a warm, almost country twang to them, making them perfect for driving down the highway with the windows down this summer. Vocally, Missal delivers and then some. The slower ballad, “Slow Motion” is a bit simplistic instrumentally, leaving plenty of room for Missal to shine. On the track, her voice quickly transitions from hushed, soft tones to massive, soulful runs in the blink of an eye.

Lighter easily ebbs and flows between the highs and lows of stunning ballads and massive bangers, making for a very balanced listen. Although instrumentally, there isn’t a ton of diversity, Missal’s vocals make up for it and then some. Couple that with vulnerable lyrics, and you’ve got a memorable release that’ll have fans begging for more.

LISTEN TO: “Best Friend” and “Slow Motion”

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