brother sundance – I HURT YOU, I MADE THIS

Dark pop artist, brother sundance is building off of his strong debut EP, Honey with his introspective and hauntingly beautiful new release, I HURT YOU, I MADE THIS. Not only does the EP find the broody singer, songwriter and producer expanding on the stepping stones set with Honey, but it also finds him digging deep emotionally and facing his flaws head-on for six powerful tracks.

Opening I HURT YOU, I MADE THIS is the punchy single, “Nightmares.” The unconventional track, carried by glitchy synth, pounding drums and dark lyrical content, sets the stage with an eerie and unsettling vibe, which bleeds throughout the songs that follow. The following track, “Hollywood,” while significantly brighter than “Nightmares” still sticks to the more unconventional side of things, proclaiming, “We’re not like the in crowd / We are not Hollywood.”

The strongest aspect of the EP is easily its diversity, both within the lyrical content and songwriting. Within just a small handful of songs, brother sundance has found a way to both cement his sound, while still pushing boundaries and exploring a wide variety of topics. Like “Nightmares,” “Nervous” takes on a similar tone, looking one’s bad habits and insecurities in the face. Meanwhile, “Burn” and “Cold” couldn’t feel more different. While the high energy “Burn” is carried by massive synth and thumping drums, the heartbreaking “Cold” strips brother sundance down to his core.

Ultimately, I HURT YOU, I MADE THIS is unique in its ability to take what you know and love about pop and turn it on its head. The EP is undeniably catchy and fun to listen to, but it also has an eerie, haunting and unsettling quality that easily sets it apart from the pack.