Kyd The Band – Season 3: The Realization

Building off of the momentum from his first two EP’s (Season 1: The Intro and Season 2: Character Development) Kyd The Band has upped his game once more with his personal and introspective new EP, Season 3: The Realization. Although it is only six songs in length, Season 3: The Realization may just be Kyd The Band’s most emotionally powerful release yet.

Opening the EP is the catchy yet incredibly bittersweet track, “Corridors,” which finds Kyd The Band’s Devin Guisande creating a space in his mind for a person or place that is no longer part of his life. Sonically, “Corridors” is incredibly simple, with a drum beat and guitar hook looping throughout the entirety of the track, making room for Guisande’s vocals to really shine. Then, perfectly showcasing his diversity and spectacular songwriting abilities, only two songs later, the EP transitions to the heartbreakingly beautiful “I’ll Stay.” The powerful third track touches on the helpless feeling of not knowing how to be there for someone you care about, but trying anyway.

No two songs on Season 3: The Realization sound the same, and that’s apparent by the time “Roots” comes in. Perfectly encompassing Kyd The Band’s identity, “Roots” serves as a pushing off point and the foundation for the rest of the EP, which keeps you on your toes with each song. “Love Someone Else” is reminiscent of some of the darker tones on Season 1: The Intro, while the standout track, “Make It In America” is a piano driven, electric-tinged ballad – the perfect, unique blend of sounds that defines Kyd The Band. While it is short, Season 3: The Realization accomplishes exactly what any EP should set out to do – it serves as the perfect taste test of Kyd The Band’s dynamic sound for those just discovering him for the first time, while showcasing a considerable amount of growth for those who have been following him since the beginning.

LISTEN TO: “Corridors”

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