Saint Motel @ Larimer Lounge, 2/3/15

Photos & Review: Saint Motel
Featuring: Saint Motel, The Moth and The Flame & Brolly
Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO. 2/3/15

Photos and Review by: Blake Britton

It is a modest yet warm night on Larimer Street, and in its most famous venue is a crowd of the same caliber. Saint Motel, the quirky and lovable indie pop enthusiasts, took the stage to a welcoming environment in Denver on Tuesday night and to everyone’s delight were incredibly on par with their playful and festive onstage antics. The physicality of A/J Jackson’s simultaneous singing/dancing/keyboard playing was the perfect embodiment of what their music feel like to the listener. It’s fun. It’s danceable. It’s a great live show. And the audience was well aware of that as they sang and danced along to older tunes (ex. Benny Goodman from their stellar debut record) and of course, the current radio smash, “My Type,” which was dedicated to Colorado’s well known alt-radio personality, Nerf.

The openers, Brolly and The Moth and the Flame, were near perfect openers as both bands flew with ease and grace through their sets. Undoubtedly, however, the headliners did steal the show. The intimacy of the venue melded with the pop textures of Saint Motel made for an outstanding performance from the band and a reciprocated love from the room around them.