Author: Carmen O'Hagan

LANY Denver Review

LA-based pop band, LANY brought their Summer Forever headlining tour to Fiddler’s Green this weekend. Upon first look and listen, one might mistake LANY for a bubblegum pop band, led by a former-model turned lead singer (Paul Klein) who is sure to attract throngs of female fans. However, upon further attention you’ll find intricate lyrics describing the ups and downs of relationships in your 20s, among other life challenges, so consider their catalog your new official life soundtrack. Need a blissful love song? They got it. Feeling heartache? Check. Your ex sucks but you’re still thinking about them? Yeah, there’s…

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Rainbow Kitten Surprise Red Rocks Review

If you’ve listened to anything from Rainbow Kitten Surprise before, you’ll know the unique sound and deep vibes they emit. Drowning the Red Rocks stage in rainbow lights before they made their appearance on the first of two nights, RKS emerged to a roar from the audience. The soulful rasp of lead singer Ela Melo cast an immediate calming yet firm hold on the crowd. Mere moments into the first song, she was already jumping the barrier and walking through the masses of people, giving fans a close-up encounter with their favorite artist. Known for top tracks like “Fever Pitch,”…

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