Author: Madi Heath

Role Model Denver Review

Fans walked into the Gothic Theatre on Tuesday night with a sense of purpose. While many urged their way to the front to be as close to Tucker Pillsbury as possible, some patiently and eagerly awaited his entrance by dancing and singing along to the powerhouse show opener, THE BLSSM. Born in Sydney, but maturing their music career in Los Angeles, Lily Lizotte came to Denver with a passion for performance, which was clearly visible in their stage movement. They adorned a spunky patchwork plaid outfit, with pigtail braids and knee-high socks. THE BLSSM’s set included “NOT TODAY,” “STILL WITH…

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Sir Chloe Denver Review

Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station was a perfect place to house Sir Chloe’s out-of-this-world performance on Monday night. The magical Perplexiplex inside of Meow Wolf was buzzing with excitement, waiting for Dana Foote of Sir Chloe to take the stage. Although the audience wasn’t quite full, it was clear that everyone in attendance was struck by their experience. There was dancing and excitement and singing alongside the opener, Luke Wild, a tatted, white tank-top-wearing artist who Foote befriended in New York. It felt as though he recharged the stage in preparation, with the excitement levels multiplying. When Sir Chloe entered the…

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