Q&A with Michael Hansen of Pentimento

For this month’s issue, we sat down with Michael Hansen of Pentimento and talked to him about touring with Reggie and the Full Effect, the band’s writing process, and their plans for the future. Check out an excerpt of the interview below and be sure the read the entire article in our newest issue here

One of the most powerful parts if music are the lyrics. Being that you are the lyricist how do you go about writing songs about the other guys’ experiences?

Agreed. I’d argue that the lyrics are the most important part. I just choose to look at everything as a source of inspiration, or at the least – with a lesson attached. Writing about others comes easy to me because when I see something happening to another person, the ability to relate always exists.

When listening to Wrecked, are there any specific emotions that are evoked? 
Why do you think you feel that way?

Funny you ask because for the longest time, I wrote that EP off completely. It’s just one of those “ugh it’s so old and so dumb and I hate those songs now” sort of things that every band deals with, I’m sure. But this past weekend I put it on for the hell of it and started crying like a child.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been able to be more honest with my words than we were on Wrecked. There’s something about that EP that I never heard before because I was too busy judging it and wishing I did things differently or whatever. But I finally listened to it with a non subjective ear and I was moved. The idea that were just dudes making music without anything to prove or lose or whatever is very evident. I don’t think it’s an amazing piece of work or anything, but it made me remember why I wanted to be in a band in the first place.

Photos and interview: Jordan Altergott
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