Interview with Staring at Shipwrecks

I got the chance to chat and hang out with Denver/Castle Rock post-hardcore band, Staring at Shipwrecks, a few hours before their show at the Marquis to talk about how it is to write a debut album. They released a single at the beginning of the summer and are now working on writing their first full-length album. Check out the new single below and keep your ears open for any new music they may be coming out with!

Photo and interview by Amaya Del Rio

For starters, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and the band?

“We are five dudes that make loud, angry music in the hopes to bring people together and have a good time,” stated guitarist Alex Almquist.

As a band, what are your major influences?

The boys decided there were too many bands to list off so instead, bassist/clean vocalist Chris Deeth (nicknamed Deeth) talked about things in their life that have shaped their music. “I think just things that happen to us in everyday life are just major influences on our music.”

You guys have had a few changes in your members, how has that affected your music?

Unclean vocalist, Eli Livingood chuckled a bit at this question before saying, “For the better. We started writing actually good sounding things with the member changes. At least we hope they’re good.”

Guitarist, PJ Rutt, added “We’re writing music that we’re happy about.”

You guys are currently working on an album, what’s the hardest part about writing new material?

Guitarist, PJ answered, “Writing music that we all like.”

Alex continued with, “Agreeing on sound. We kind of just go with the flow. We get about one song we like for every eight songs that we trash.”

Are you guys bummed to be taking a break from playing shows to write the album?

Palmer Davis (occasionally called Beef, to go with Deeth) stated, “Not at all. It’s good that we continue writing music.”

Alex added, “It’s a good break. It sucks that we stop playing live, but we need it.”

Eli chuckled, “Otherwise there’s no point in playing live.”

Is it difficult with some of your members in Castle Rock and others in Denver?

Alex shook his head and laughed, “It is a nightmare, actually. Between practicing with all of us, writing a new album, and getting to shows. We’re on this weird, twisted timeline where we bring too many cars and lose things. I end up throwing punches, actually.” He jokes.

Eli adds, “We look good though. At least we’re cute.”

What’s your writing process like?

“Hell. It’s partially on the computer and tracking stuff and sitting down like ‘Let’s write a song!’ and then we just sit there and don’t do anything for a while,” says Eli.

PJ jumps in and adds, “We basically come up with 6 or 7 demos and of those 6 or 7 demos, we combine them. And usually it works.”

Eli laughs and continues, “It’s like getting three different puzzles and just throwing them all in a pile and just kind of piecing shit together until it works. With lots of super glue to make it work.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“Try to keep an eye out for new music, even though it might be a bit and when we start playing shows again, come see us live! Because I think we’re okay live.”