Q&A with Blaise Beyhan of Ionia

New York-based melodic rock band, Ionia just recently released their new EP, Postcards From The Edge: Chapter 1. Delta 32., on February 1st. We had the chance to chat with frontman Blaise Beyhan about the new EP and the bands’ plans for 2015! Check out the full interview below.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! 

Thanks for asking.

Congratulations on the release of Postcards From The Edge: Chapter 1. Delta 32.! I have to ask, since it’s such a interesting album title, what’s the story behind it?

We wanted to create a series that made sense from where we felt we were coming from.

Can you tell us a little bit about the overall theme of the EP? 

It’s about finding out how to evolve in a world that represses you into staying the same. It’s about love loss and redemption. It’s about being human.

What were you most excited about with the release of the EP? 

Getting new music out to our friends who had waited so long.

Do you feel that fans and listeners have received it the way you wanted them to?

Time will tell, so far yes.

I feel that the variety of sound is really wide on the EP, which is awesome considering it’s only five songs – was that something that you wanted to be able to accomplish?

Yes, we wanted to put out something that a had a large color palette and reflected many aspects of us.

When you’re working on new music, do you tend to write with a bigger picture or story in mind, or is that something that just happens naturally?

It is an organic process. You should never force the pen one way or the other.

What – if anything – would you like listeners to take away from your music or live show?

Inspiration, hope, joy, a sense of freedom and connected-ness.

What else do you guys have in store for 2015?

Tour, release more music, make videos, fight for a better world. Eat a sandwich.

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