Q&A with Martin Broda of Curses

Curses are destined for greatness. Led by Martin Broda, best known as singer/bassist of synth-hardcore band Abandon All Ships, and backed up by Michael Farina, Daniel Ennis, and Michael Ferreira, the band just recently wrapped up recording their debut EP, and their recently released single “Back To Your Love” is just an example of what’s to come.

We recently had the chance to chat with Broda about his goals for Curses, trying something new musically, and what the future holds for the band. Check out the full interview and a stream of “Back To Your Love” below!

Interview by Shannon Shumaker

Can you tell us a little bit about Curses, for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to check you out yet? 

Martin Broda: Yeah for sure. We are band consisting of myself (Martin Broda), Michael Farina, Daniel Ennis, and Michael Durval Ferreira and to sum it up shortly, we are a rock band, playing rock songs and very much enjoy doing so haha. But it’s true, we all wanted to capture the essence of what it really means to play music again and be a real band by going to the roots of that. We all come from a wide array of influences and when it comes to our band we aren’t afraid to try something new and different. We also like scotch, just thought I’d throw that in there haha

You guys just released your new single, “Back To Your Love” – can you tell us a little bit about the track?

“Back to your Love” was the second song we collectively wrote and we wanted to emulate a heavier element to it because we all came from heavier musical backgrounds and we thought it would be cool to slightly connect with that again while still sticking to our sound. The song is about a personal break up which is being compared to the feeling of drowning and being lost at sea.

Was there anything you really wanted to be able to accomplish with “Back To Your Love”? What makes a song single material to you guys?

Well all I think we were really expecting from the track was to get a good response back from the public/fans. To me, that’s the biggest accomplishment of all, because it means that all of our hard work and efforts finally paid off in the result of a good super catchy track. Not only that but in just a matter of 3 weeks the stream video on youtube hit 10k and we are all stoked, we didn’t expect all of this. This is definitely a great sign of big things to happen in the future for us.

In my opinion there really isn’t a guideline to a single material song, the only thing I look for in a single is I always make sure that it isn’t anything I’ve ever heard before and pushes every boundary while staying stuck in the back of my head for days.

You’re also planning on hitting the studio soon to record your debut release – what are your goals for this first album?

Yeah as a matter of fact we just finished recording our EP the past weekend and it is sounding very good so far, and we are very excited to share it with the world! My goals for this release are like what any other band would want, and that is for it to reach the masses, and for people to truly enjoy our art. That’s truly what its about, sharing your creativity and hoping it connects with others. I couldn’t ask for a better goal. And I could honestly care less about record sales, people can pirate our record as long as they are enjoying it one way or another, who am I to stop them. Rock on \m/

Having been involved in other bands previously, was there anything you guys really wanted to be able to do with Curses?

Well me personally coming from a synth-hardcore band, I’ve always wanted to hear our songs on the radio and wasn’t able to in my previous band. It’s definitely on my bucket list of things to do in a band. Also I would love to tour the world. I got to see a lot of North america a bit of Europe before but there are still so many places I would love to perform.

On the flip side, was there anything you really wanted to stay away from?

No not really, the only thing we collectively wanted to do was to stay away from heavy music/screaming. We’ve all done that for years, so we needed a change and from the reaction, I think people are enjoying it. But just to clear the air, I do still like that kind of music, just not performing it as much as I did.

What would you like people to take away from your music or live shows, if they’re hearing you for the first time?

I think me and the guys can all agree that we want people to walk away from our live shows and say that was the best show they’ve ever seen. I feel like most bands don’t care about their live shows too much anymore, and when people come to see them, they are terribly disappointed and probably never go to that band’s show again. We will try our best to never disappoint.

What is the rest of 2015 looking like for you guys? Do you have any big plans in the works?

We have a weekend run of shows coming up shortly in southern Ontario and hopefully landing some awesome summer festival shows as well. We would idealistically want to be touring full time by fall, which would be great because we are all dying to get back on the road again. As far as that, we are still trying to grow this thing as big as we can and we are definitely not stopping anytime soon. But I promise that big things WILL come

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Stay tuned for information about our release for our EP and keep an eye out for maybe a music video dropping soon. Take care everyone, and I’m sure we will see you all very soon when we come to play your city/town. Also wanna thank you for the support, never expected all of this. Cheers!