Q&A with Tim and Itarya Leo of Legendary Divorce

Hardcore/punk veterans Legendary Divorce come from a wide array of backgrounds, as the band is comprised of members from groups such as Ladder DevilsThe Minor TimesWives and pop-punk group, The Starting Line. With a strong musical background and three fourths of the band playing together since the 90’s, it’s no surprise that they knew exactly what they wanted to accomplish with their new EP, Make Me. 

We had the chance to catch up with Tim and Itarya Leo about the band’s new EP, the music scene in Philadelphia and the future of Legendary Divorce. Check out the full interview and the band’s single, “Easy” below!

Interview by Dom Vigil

Congrats on the release of Make Me! Was there anything you really wanted to accomplish with this release, it being your debut EP?

Tim Leo: Thanks!  We wrote those songs in a very stripped down, natural way.  We’ve all been in a bunch of bands and that spent a lot of time and energy on the song / album writing process.  Really fine tuning every detail.  This project has been a more “go for it, done.” kind of thing from the get go.  We wanted this band to have that feeling of a bunch of songs written directly in the moment, and move on.

What would you like someone’s first impression of Legendary Divorce be?

Tim Leo: When I listen to music I like, or dislike,  I try to imagine what was happening when these people made these songs.  what was going on, influences etc.  more and more often it’s kind of a gross let down. I hope for everyone listening to us it’s the opposite.

Coming from different musical backgrounds and having collective experience in previous projects, was there something that you guys wanted to be able to accomplish when first forming Legendary Divorce or working on this EP?

Tim Leo: Our musical backgrounds weren’t entirely different.  Brian and Brian and I have been playing together since the mid 90’s.  Itarya has grown up with and loving the same weirdo shit that us weirdos listen to.  We’re peas in a pod.

Itarya Leo: We were really just excited about writing and recording songs – our first songs. We write songs we want to listen to and enjoy playing.

Do you feel that having previous experience in other bands has been able to help you really hone in on what you want to do musically?

Itarya Leo: I think for the most part what we are doing now is very different than what Tim and the Brians have done before. It’s very laid back, but I am sure that we all apply what we have learned in the past to what we do now, musically, and with life in general. The songwriting process is pretty easy for us. We all have a similar idea as to how we want the songs to turn out and what we dig. I feel as though it comes together pretty quickly, primarily, because those dudes have been playing music together off and on forever. I am super flexible and they are always supportive of my vocal parts and lyrics. We get along really well!

Is there anything you’d want listeners to be able to take away from listening to Make Me for the first time?

Itarya Leo: We hope they are into it and that it peaks interest in new stuff we are working on – we are REALLY stoked on our new songs, can’t wait to record again!

Do you feel that being rooted in Philadelphia has had an impact or influence on your sound or the band in general?

Itarya Leo: I do. I think we all do. We all love Philadelphia, we all grew up in the suburbs of Philly and have moved here within the past 11 years. I wrote most of the lyrics for Make Me on the El train when I was working in Center City. There is something really inspiring about being crammed into a subway surrounded by all sorts of different people living, surviving, daydreaming, partying in the city you live in and love.

How would you like to see the music scene in Philly – or just in general – grow?

Itarya Leo: The music scene in Philly is SO rad, I am excited to see it continue to evolve in any which way. It seems like every week I am finding out about a new awesome band from Philadelphia. I am so impressed by the amount of talent and passion that is found here – especially within the “punk” scene.

Now that Make Me is out, what’s next for Legendary Divorce? Do you have any other big plans for 2015?

Itarya Leo: We are currently working on a full length that will hopefully be released by the end of the year on Reptilian Records (Chris X is the best dude!), which is exciting. We are so stoked to be part of the Reptilian family. We have a show coming up in 2 weeks – 6/15 with the legendary Dax Riggs – so pumped! We are also playing with our brothers in the Cloth in August. I am sure we will be playing many more shows as well. Just writing and playing.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Nope, thanks so much!!!