Q&A with Grayscale

With a unique mix of pop-punk and alternative rock, Philadelphia band Grayscale has entered 2016 with a lot of excitement over their upcoming album, What We’re Missing. They have released several brand new songs from the album including “Catholic” and “August Love” along with a music video for their song “Palette“. The album will be released February 12th and is available for preorder HERE. Read our interview with the band below!

Interview by Nina Schirmer

Can you tell us a little about Grayscale for readers who might not be familiar with your music?

We’re a rock and roll band from Philadelphia hell-bent on world domination.

You ended 2015 and started 2016 by releasing brand new songs from your upcoming album What We’re Missing. What motivated you to release the first few songs, “Palette,” “Catholic,” and “August Love” before all of the other songs from the album?

Nick Veno [drums]: We feel like those three songs have the widest appeal. They give a very dynamic representation of the record.

With the songs you have been releasing from your new album, you have also been explaining what each song really means to you and a message that goes with it. Is there an overall message you would like listeners to take away from the entirety of the album?

Nick: Just know that when things are tough, that you aren’t alone. We all have different experiences and perspectives, and we hope that people can find comfort in our music when things are shitty.

Are there any unreleased songs from the album that you are most excited for listeners to hear?

Nick: We can’t wait to release “Midwest” and start playing that song live. The energy between us when we rehearse that song in the basement is ridiculous, so I can only imagine how intense things will get when we start playing it as part of our set.

What were some of your goals while you were in the beginning stages of recording the album?

Collin Walsh [vocals]: To make a finished product that was dynamic and reflected the emotions of the lyrics accurately.

After the release of the album, can we expect any tour dates to be announced?

Collin: We have a good amount of shows booked, including a record release show. Details will be released shortly. As far as a full tour is concerned, we don’t have anything set in stone yet but are working to put something killer together for later this year.

Back in November of 2015, you were one of the opening bands for Knuckle Puck at the TLA in Philadelphia. As an emerging band, what was the experience like for you to perform at a bigger venue?

Collin: We played with Knuckle Puck and Neck Deep a year or two ago at The Barbary in Philly. It was super cool to get to open for KP again at the TLA in November. Watching their growth and getting to play with them early on in their career and then again following the release of “Copacetic” was so awesome. They’re such cool people and we were humbled to get to share the stage with them.

Also back in November, you released a music video for your song “Palette.” What was the inspiration behind the video and is there a deeper meaning?

Collin: In the video, there are a set of colored balloons. As the video progresses, those colors fade to white. This fading of color represents happy and positive emotions fading away.

Dallas Molster [guitar/vocals]: Relationships, whether they be with a family member, a girlfriend/boyfriend, can be poisonous. The fading away of the colored balloons is representative of the damage an unhealthy relationship can deal.

Starting out a brand new year by releasing a new album is very exciting and a huge accomplishment. What are some other things you as a band hope to accomplish in 2016?

Collin: We want to plan out a full U.S. tour and play the new songs for as many people as we can. We also want to try skydiving.

Thank you for taking the time and chatting with us! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Grayscale: Can we phone a friend?

Prelude Press: What?

*phone rings*

John: “…”

Grayscale: He didn’t answer.

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