Q&A with Stories Untold

St. Clair based quartet, Stories Untold kicked off 2016 with the premiere of their new single and video, “Things Change,” the first release of what promises to be a monumental year for the young band. With a debut full-length set for release this spring, the band’s first show of the year slotted for tomorrow, February 13th at The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, MI (TICKETS) and big plans for the rest of the year, 2016 will be the year that puts Stories Untold on the map. Watch the music video for “Things Change” below and follow Stories Untold on facebook for more news.

Interview by Shannon Shumaker

Can you tell us a little bit about Stories Untold for anyone who may not be familiar?

We are a four piece Alt. Rock/Post-Hardcore band creating powerful music that has really been resonating with our fanbase. We have been able to stand out from the crowd by putting on an interactive live show and giving it our all each and every time we perform.

You guys are based out of St. Clair, Michigan – What is the music scene like there and how do you feel it has affected or shaped you as musicians?

There is a small scene in St. Clair, but it was not large enough for where we have our sights set. The small size of the St. Clair scene led us to branch out down to the Detroit scene and begin making a name for ourselves down there.

What do you hope to bring to your local scene?

St. Clair is a small town and we have seen so many people give up on music. However, we have also had other people tell us that we inspire them to continue performing music. We hope that by making a name for ourselves, we can show other musicians in St. Clair scene that it’s completely possible to break out of a small town and start doing something big.

You kicked off the new year with the release of your new single and video, “Things Change.” What is the story behind the song?

Things Change is the combination of a story of reminiscence and an anthem to all things that end in heartbreak. It tells of a long lost love through the eyes of a regretful individual who is pondering over the fact that they had ruined something great with the one they once held dear. The song has an array of meanings that we encourage the listener to discover by picking the lyrics apart for themselves.

The music video for “Things Change” is heartbreaking, but really beautiful. What was the vision you had for the video and how was filming? 

The vision that we had is essentially what was created. We wanted to create a video that complimented the song in a way that would stir a strong emotional response in the viewer. The video itself parallels with the meaning of the song in the sense that something important to the man had been lost, now he stumbles through his empty house reminiscing on what used to be. All that he has left is a fifth of vodka that he crutches on to help forget his past.

Filming the video was a lot of fun. The actors that took part in the video were absolutely phenomenal and Nick Frollo was an absolute blast to work with!

With the new song out now, can listeners expect some more new music soon?

We are incredibly excited to release our debut full length in April! It has been a long road to get to this point, so we can’t wait! We will be releasing new content in the coming months leading up to the release.

What goals did you have in mind when working on “Things Change”? 

We really wanted to create an experience for the listener; something for them to listen to and discover something new every time they play it. We also wanted to make sure that this song was something that would mean something to someone. Whether it simply be a heartbreaking song or if it helps them through a tough time, we want the song to hold significance in a person’s life.

You’ve talked before about other artists’ influences on you and your music, so how would you like your music to affect your listeners? What would you like them to walk away from one of your shows thinking or feeling?

The best thing that could come out of this song is it it had a positive effect on any of our listeners. One thing that we as a band value a lot is our fans and who they are as individuals. If our music is able to touch their lives in a positive manner, then it accomplishes a lot of what we stand for.

We would really like for our listeners to walk away from our shows thinking that they had just been to best show they’ve ever been to. We’re not just talking solely performance wise, but we aim to have the entire experience of coming to one of our shows be something that they never forget.

Do you have any big plans or goals for 2016?

We are hoping to release our debut full length in April and use it to get our name out across the country. From there, we are going to endlessly improve our craft, hit the road, and continue building.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us! Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to thank each and every single person who has helped us get to this point in our career! The amount of support and belief in the band from our friends, family, and fans has been absolutely amazing! I would also like to thank The Prelude Press for having us! Hope to see everyone soon!

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