Q&A with Alteras

The grieving process is not an easy subject to tackle, but Ohio quintet Alteras have managed to explore it on their new album and debut release with Revival Recordings, Grief. What started as a single song about grief turned into a full blown and stunning concept album that also promises to take listeners on a music journey. With Grief dropping on August 5th and tour dates with Roots Like Mountains kicking off at the end of July, Alteras have quite a summer ahead of them.

Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about Alteras for anyone who may not be familiar?

Alteras is a 5 piece Hard Rock/Metal band from Youngstown, Ohio. Music is everything to us, it is the single most important aspect of each of our members lives and we all are incredibly thankful to be able to share our passion and messages with any and all audiences.

You’re just getting ready to release your new album, Grief later this summer, which also marks your first release with Revival Recordings! What is it like to be part of that team for this release?

It’s been an absolutely amazing experience, working closely with the Revival team has been nothing but a joy. They’re incredibly helpful and have been endlessly supportive of our creative vision in every aspect. Shawn (Milke) and Nick (Onorato) have already made such an influence on our band, their knowledge of music and the industry are truly incomparable. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together moving forward.

What are you most excited for listeners to hear on the album?

I can’t wait for everyone to experience the variety Grief provides. While the album is conceptual, we didn’t limit our sound to fit a genre. The contrast between songs like “Could Ever Love”, “Broke”, “Feel”, and “Black Box” really demonstrate our flexibility as musicians, I truly believe there is at least one song on the album for everyone.

Because Grief is a concept album, were there any personal experiences that you had to dive into for the writing of it? Are there any stories that you were particularly excited or anxious to tell?

Absolutely, I 100% stand by the idea that the best music is made when it’s truthful to the artist. Every song on Grief is real. It came at a troubling time in my life and wasn’t (at least at first) intentionally conceptual. I’m more excited to share the idea/mission of the album, that mental anguish is relevant now more than ever and it’s okay to experience it. We wish Grief to be a tool for listeners, something anyone can relate to in a time of need.

How did the concept for Grief come about?

It actually was a decision made in the studio. When we finished recording “Could Ever Love” we realized that we wanted to lyric an album that emphasizes the grieving process, it was something that really hit home with all of us at the time. We didn’t realize how big that idea would become, but I’m forever thankful that things played out the way they did.

You recently released the music video for “Could Ever Love” from the album. Can you tell us about the track?

“Could Ever Love” was the first track we recorded, it was kind of our flagship for the album. I remember sitting down and listening to the song with the band at Capital House Studios at the end of our first session and quite literally being overwhelmed with emotion that I couldn’t speak. I love this song, it’s easily the most honest lyric I’ve ever composed.

How do you feel you’ve grown with the creation of Grief?

We’ve all grown immensely since it’s recording. There was truly so much to gain from the writing and recording experience. And even to date when we perform tracks from the album, we’re able to channel those emotions. It’s driven us to become a raw-emotional band fearless of judgement.

What was the hardest obstacle to overcome when working on the album?

Making sure that it didn’t become predictable. Concept albums are tough and restrictive in nature so you can imagine that it put a bit of a bind on us during composition. But we are happy with the way every song came out on the album, I truly wouldn’t change a thing.

What would you like listeners to be able to take away from Grief?

I wish for people to experience the true integrity of the music and art. Everything from the album so far; music, album artwork, and music videos are products of the band. We designed, directed, filmed, and edited every piece of this album from the ground up. It is 100% representative of who Alteras truly is.

On top of the album release, you’re hitting the road with Roots Like Mountains this month. What are you most excited about on these upcoming tour dates?

We really just can’t wait to be out and performing. We love meeting new people and look forward to getting the opportunity to create bonds that continue on for years to come within our new, growing fan-base.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thanks so much for the opportunity and thanks to anyone who took the time to read the article! Please check out our music video for “Could Ever Love” on the Revival Recordings YouTube page and be sure pre-order our debut album “Grief” at alteras.merchnow.com.

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