Q&A with Adam Lamah of Modern Me

Although Modern Me is a relatively young band, they know exactly what it is that they want. Take their powerful and self-reflective new single “Waters,” from their upcoming debut EP, Touch, for instance. Not only is Touch a direct reflection on the closeness of Modern Me’s members, many of which have been friends for years, but the band has also created a sound and statement all their own. Read about the new EP, the band’s formation and much more below, and pick up Touch on September 13th!

Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about Modern Me for any readers who may not be familiar?

We began this band in the summer of 2015 with help from our producer Adam Castilla of the band The Colourist. We are based out of San Diego California and play indie rock music. There are six members total and we are best friends.

Modern Me is a relatively young group – you guys just formed in the last year! How did you meet and come together as a band?

Michael, Phoneyx, Adam O’Nan and I all went to the same high school together but I have known Michael since we were in the fifth grade. Michael and I have been playing music together since we were kids. We began playing music with Adam O’Nan and Phoenyx during our senior year in highschool. Alyssa is dating our bass player Adam O’nan and she has a great voice and a great sense of melody for synth so she quickly joined. We found Shawn on facebook. This group really vibes together and song writing with these six individuals is so natural that it just worked out.

You just premiered your new single, “Waters” – can you tell us a little bit about the song?

The song is about the concept of heaven, the curiosity of suicide and the longing for more than just that basic view of a home with a white picket fence. It is about reflection and understanding of what destiny truly is.

“Waters” comes from your debut EP, Touch, out this fall! What was your main goal when working on the songs that make up the EP?

Our goal was to be dynamic but at the same time have a structure that was recognizable as the sound that is Modern Me. We wanted to point out things that everyone knows about but not everyone really talks about. Kind of like Ben Gibbard talking about how the glove compartment isn’t accurately named.

With Touch being your debut EP, were there any difficult obstacles you had to overcome when working on it

None of us have ever played Indie Rock music before Modern Me so it was a really difficult transition as songwriters. We have all grown up listening to bands like The Killers, Death Cab, Coldplay and U2 so that helped us out along the way as far as the inspiration goes.

What was the highlight of working on these songs?

Late nights turning into creative explosions. We would get stuck in areas and all of the sudden hear melodies pop into our tired heads. After we would track whatever it was that member came up with, we would build off that energy and get a progressive high that no amount of drugs or caffeine could ever live up to. We would begin working even harder on the song at hand.

When can listeners expect to hear more new music from Touch?

Touch will be released on all major music streaming platforms on 9/13/16.

What would you like listeners to take away from your music or live performances?

That our music is love searching for someone to show itself to.

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