Picturesque: It’s the Best Feeling in the World When the Entire Crowd Knows Your Music.”

Kicking off the fall with tour dates and a new single, Kentucky’s Picturesque have an exciting rest of the year ahead of them. With their epic new single, “Fake Fiction,” Picturesque are giving listeners an idea of what great things are to come. Read what the band has to say about “Fake Fiction,” their current tour with I The Mighty and more below!

Interview by Nina Schirmer

For anyone who might not be familiar with your music, can you tell us a little about Picturesque?

We’re a post-rock band from Kentucky.

As a band from Kentucky, how would you say the music scene there helped to shape you as a musicians?

The local scene helped me get out of my metalhead phase. I moved up from Arkansas and it was nothing but hardcore and metal. There weren’t any bands with clean vocals. Hearing different genres of music live that I never have a chance on record really broadened what my influences later became.

You have recently released a new song called, “Fake Fiction.” Can you tell us about this track?

“Fake Fiction” was first written acoustically and adapted to a full band song. This track is one that we didn’t “fix” much of once we got into the studio. It was a track that just flowed naturally.

Is there a specific meaning to this song that you really would like listeners to take away?

Don’t stay in a one-sided relationship.

With the release of this new song, what are you plans for the rest of 2016? Should fans be expecting a new album or any more new music soon?

Making some acoustic versions of songs and covers to build an online audience. I don’t think we’re releasing anymore music until 2017.

You are currently on tour with I The Mighty! How is tour going so far and what can fans expect to see from you on this tour?

Yeah! It’s been great! The I the Mighty dudes are some of the sweetest, most humble dudes we’ve ever met. Fans can expect us to be playing  some newer material!

What are some of your major goals throughout this tour and the months ahead?

To connect with as many people as possible

How has your experience with touring and playing songs from your EP, Monstrous Things inspired you with the writing process of new songs?

We learned that sing alongs are way more fun than having technical parts. That doesn’t mean that we’ve dumbed stuff down but we made sure that the songs are more focused around the vocals. It’s seriously the best feeling in the world when the entire crowd knows your music. This is the first tour where we’ve had shows like that and it’s seriously one of the coolest things we’ve ever experienced.

You also have released acoustic versions of several songs from the EP. Are you planning on doing something similar again with Fake Fiction or any new songs that might be coming soon?

Yep! Not sure which songs were going to do yet.

Thank you for chatting with us! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Come to a show and hang out! We all want to meet and talk to people who relate to or are inspired by our music! It’s super cool to learn everyone’s story!