Q&A with OverUnder

Once you’re involved in the Denver music scene, it’s nearly impossible to just walk away, and that much can be said about OverUnder‘s Wes Luna. Having been involved in the local scene in one way or another over the years, from being a member of street teams to playing bass in The Photo Atlas before their split, OverUnder is the next natural step for this Colorado musician. With the stunning, “Song for Matthew” out now and a debut EP planned for early 2017, OverUnder is a project to keep and eye on next year. Read our full interview with Luna and listen to “Song for Matthew” below!

Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about OverUnder for any readers who may not be familiar?

OverUnder started after my previous band The Photo Atlas broke up. I joined The Photo Atlas beginning of of 2015 as their bass player. We played a bunch of Colorado shows, shot a music video, did one last tour, then called it quits. Shortly after we broke up I started OverUnder.

Having been involved with the Colorado music scene for quite a while, what do you feel is the most important lesson or bit of knowledge that you’ve brought into this project?

I started out being a street team leader for a band called Under The Influence Of Giants AKA Awolnation. I was also in a few bands through out high school. So I’ve learned a lot from my friends and from playing music myself. I feel that if you write and sing what the people feel… they’ll listen to ya.

What is your favorite part about the local scene here in Colorado?

I love that everybody supports each other. It’s not a competition. If I like another local band I’ll ask if they would ever want to play a show together. Everyone’s kind and friendly to each other in our scene which is what we need especially since the election. There has been a lot of hate and I’m not for that.

You currently have one single, “Song For Matthew” out now. Can you tell us a little bit about this track?

Yes. Back in 2008 I had a dear friend of mine pass away from a drinking and driving accident. Turns out I was suppose to be in the same car, but I didn’t have a car of my own at the time and my mother said no. Mothers always know best. So it’s closure for me in a way. It’s me saying goodbye and I’ll see you in the after life.

On top of “Song For Matthew,” you’re getting ready to release your EP soon! When can listeners expect to hear some more new music

Since we last talked I did mention my new EP will be titled Insomnia, but I have recently changed it to Bad Dreams. I expect to have it out by February.

Did you have any major goals that you wanted to accomplish with the songs on Bad Dreams?

As far as major goals go I just hope people listen to it and enjoy it and sing to it. As a musician at least for myself I feel I’ve done my job of someone hears my song and makes them feel any feelings at all.

What are the next few months leading into 2017 looking like for OverUnder? Could we expect to catch a live show sometime soon?

Yes. Expect a EP release show from me early 2017. I’d like to return back to Hi-Dive.

What would you like listeners to be able to take away from your music?

Listeners… I’d like for them to feel anything like I said earlier. Songs make you feel things, you can relate to them in your own way. That’s what I want people to be able to do while listening to my music.

Do you have any big plans or goals for next year?

I don’t know…we’ll see where 2017 takes me.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks for chatting with me! In the words of Chuck Berry, Hail Hail Rock N Roll! See y’all in 2017!