Q&A with Carrie Lane: “I Have Truly Found My Voice as an Artist”

Rising star Carrie Lane is starting 2017 off strong with the release of her new song, “If I Can’t Be With You,” about the overwhelming feeling of puppy love. Following her single, “Drowning,” which was released last year, the new track will surely make fans excited for Carrie’s new album, Calirfornia Freaks, out soon! We caught up with Carrie recently to talk about her start in New Jersey, the transition to California, and her new music.

Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for anyone who might not be familiar?

Sure my name is Carrie Lane! I’m an indie pop singer living in Los Angeles who loves reality tv and grilled cheese sandwiches. I grew up with a background in musical theatre and have been performing since I was about 4 years old. I’m inspired by Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey. I’ve had various musical endeavors and have recently released to singles that will be followed up by an LP, coming soon!

Growing up in New Jersey, do you feel that the music scene in your city had an affect on the kind of music you create today?

I think most of my musical influences came from New York City. I grew up right outside the city and was fortunate enough to go see live music all of the time growing up. It was my special treat with my mom to go into Manhattan and see Broadway shows and luckily that afforded me the opportunity to continuously see people performing and be inspired.

You’re currently located out in LA – what has that change in scenery been like? What made you want to make the move across the country?

There is so much opportunity in LA. Everyone is hungry. I love the music scene on the west coast because people really show up to see live music and support new artists. I had always dreamed about moving out to California since I was a little girl and it has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.

You recently released your new single, “If I Can’t Be With You.” Can you tell us about what inspired the track?

Yes! This track is about that kind of puppy love and instinctual butterflies you get in your stomach when you first meet someone. Everything is so new and overwhelming and generally your description of the love is overwhelming. You stay up late on the phone with your girlfriends and tell them, “I’d rather DIE than be without this guy”.

“If I Can’t Be With You” follows “Drowning” and your debut EP, Bows Before Bros. How do you feel you’ve grown since 2015 when you released the EP and now?

Wow, that EP feels like a lifetime ago. My sound has completely matured and evolved. I have truly found my voice as an artist over the last few years and the music I am putting out now truly represents who I am as a person and captures the kind of sound I’ve always strived to have.

With “If I Can’t Be With You” out now, can fans expect to hear any more new music soon? Perhaps a new EP or LP?

Absolutely! I actually have a finished LP called ‘California Freaks‘ that will be coming out very soon. Stay tuned!

Looking toward the future, do you have any big plans or goals for 2017?

I plan to have this LP out for everyone to hear in the near future and I’d love to start touring this music for everyone as well.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

There’s gonna be a lot to come from Carrie Lane very soon. Keep an eye out!

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