Q&A with Icarus The Owl

Icarus The Owl are staying busy this winter with non-stop tour dates and their recently released cover of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” and the Portland-based band are showing no signs of slowing down. Even during a brief break between tour dates and before hopping on the road alongside Stolas, the band has found themselves working on some new music and even giving Skype lessons to fans to keep creative juices flowing. As far as the rest of 2017? Icarus The Owl are showing no signs of slowing down, with hopes to release more new music and maybe some more covers this year! Read what the band had to say below.

Interview by Shannon Shumaker

You guys kicked off your 2017 last month with tour dates alongside Sianvar! What was the highlight of those shows?

Getting to hang out with Sianvar and Frameworks every night was super fun. The shows were great, too. It’s always a highlight when you get along great with the other bands on the bill. Just a bunch of friends travelling around playing music. There’s nothing better.

Now you get a little bit of a breather between those tour dates and your upcoming shows with Stolas. What are you guys up to while you’re home?

We are trying to stay busy as we can. We are writing some music and trying to dust off some songs we have never played live before.

What can fans expect from these upcoming spring shows?

You can expect a lot of energy and smiles. We feel like we’ve been rejuvenated and are just all about having as much fun as we possibly can. We will try to not suck, also.

On top of a bunch of tour dates, you guys also just released your cover of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.” What inspired you to create your own rendition of the song?

The original is amazing and the idea of putting what Vanessa did on the piano, onto guitar, sounded appealing. I would always harmonize to the song when it was on. We always joked about doing it, and one day, we just decided to do it because we could.

Are there any other songs or artists that you’d like to cover in the future?

We are just going to cover Vanessa Carlton’s entire discography. We just want her to notice us. Future covers would be fun – we have a small list going of songs we’d want to do. I don’t want to give it away.

With the cover out now, are you guys planning on releasing any more new music soon?

I really hope 2017 will see some new Icarus music. We just want to wait for the exact right moment. It has to be perfect to us.

Do you have any goals in mind when you’re working on new music?

We like to sit with it for a while and if it holds up, then it’s probably good. If we tire of it, then other people probably will, too. We just write what we feel and try to make it interesting to us without compromising catchiness.

What is the rest of 2017 looking like for Icarus The Owl? You’ve already got a pretty busy schedule ahead of you, but do you have any other big plans?

I think we will be touring a whole bunch. If the new music thing happens, I am sure there will be some sort of tour to support that. We want to stay busy. We like being on the road.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything you’d like to add?

Thank you for doing this interview! Also check out some of Vanessa Carlton’s other music. It’s really quite good.

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