INTERVIEW: Oxymorrons Fight For What’s Right on New Track, “Justice”

Just last month, Queens NY alternative hip-hop/rock group Oxymorrons made their debut on Jason Aalon Butler’s (FEVER 333, letlive.) 333 Wreckords Crew with their new single, “Justice.” Originally back in February, the track encompasses the band’s frustration and rage towards police brutality and systemic racism and arrived just when the world needed it. Alongside the release, the band committed to donating all proceeds from the song back to the community through various charities and nonprofits.

The powerful track, which can be heard now below, is just the first in what promises to be an exciting year for Oxymorrons, who have plans to continue releasing new music and a full-length album before 2020 is through. Get to know a little bit more about the band, learn how to get involved in some important nonprofits and listen to “Justice” now below.


Prelude Press: Just last month, you dropped your new single, “Justice,” which was your first release on 333 Wreckords Crew. What made 333 Wreckords Crew the perfect home for Oxymorrons?

Oxymorrons: As a band we have always appreciated the art that Jason has created and the message that he has been living by. It’s very in tune with our own. As a full poc band, there has always been a big struggle to be “accepted” in the rock space. But with Jason as well as the whole 333 Wrecks crew, we are trying to break down walls and reclaim the space that black people helped create from jump. There is a hive mind with our goals as a band as well as with the label which is super hard to come by. We are trying to make great music, make a difference, and give back to our community which is why it just clicked.

“Justice” is a very powerful and very timely track, despite the fact that it was written back in February. Walk us through the song a little bit – what was going through your mind when you guys first started working on it?

While in LA pre Covid, we just had one of our very loud passionate discussions like we usually do at 3:00 in morning about what’s fucked up in the world lol. We were just getting out our frustrations and talking about the disadvantages our people have faced not only in the music industry, but in their everyday lives. The next day in the studio, we just put pen to paper and Justice appeared. It was super organic. We really came from a place of being fed up and tired, but the song we wrote became more of an anthem from the unheard which was actually very empowering. We planned on doing a proper marketing and release for the song a few months down the line, but once the protests started happening with George Floyd and Breanna Taylor (to name unfortunately just a few), we just knew it was time to release the song.

You’ve also donated the proceeds from “Justice” to various nonprofits and charities. Are there any specific organizations in particular that you’d encourage listeners to check out if they’re looking to get more involved?


  • Black Visions Collective: Black lead movement centered around arts empowerment in the twin cities
  • Brooklyn Bail Fund: Fighting for the end of money bail and immigration detention
  • The Okra Project: Collective that provides resources and meals to black trans people world wide
  • Mission Helping Hand: Agricultural movement centered around comma unity empowerment through urban farming, meals, and provisions.

Do you plan on being involved with any other nonprofits or donating proceeds with any future songs as well?

Hell yeah we will. We are here to encourage and empower our community and people always. We keep a close look at what projects we are helping out and new ones that are constantly springing up. Many organizations can get over funded (which is amazing), so we want to make sure the underdog and more grassroots projects get love too.

If someone is hearing you for the first time on “Justice”, what would you want for them to take away from the song or your music as whole?

Be unapologetically yourself. Never back down. Fight for what’s right.

We wouldn’t consider ourselves a “political” band, but just being who we are is “political”. Existence is resistance. Justice is a little more of a blunt in your face song, but our music is multifaceted. One track could be fuck the police, the next could be about a relationships, and another could be about partying till the sun comes up. We are layered individuals and we want our music to reflect that always.

With “Justice” out now, what’s next for Oxymorrons? Do you guys have any plans to release more new music in the coming months?

We plan on hitting you with all the heat over the course of the rest of the year. We got more singles in the chamber and a full length coming soon after that. We ain’t slowing the train down for anything.

Musically, do you have any major goals for the remainder of 2020?

FUCK SHIT UP! Haha. Release music and prep for when we can hit the road again. We are getting antsy over here in New York lol. But seriously, just making sure that every record we put out is impactful and kicks ass. We have time inside, so we are going to make the most of it.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us – is there anything else you’d like to add?

Oxy’s are here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. Get with it.

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