Powfu and Rxseboy Discuss “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic Part 2”

Sista Prod’s breakout phenomenon, “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic” has already proven to be a true social media sensation, featured in over 250,000 TikTok videos thus far and quickly climbing Spotify’s US Viral 50 Chart and the overall Global Viral 50. In the midst of the original song’s success, the Italian producer upped his game by teaming up with rapper Powfu, acclaimed singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin and rapper-producer RXSEBOY for “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic Part 2“. So much more than a remix, the reimagining of the track (with production from Toronto-based Sarcastic Sounds) feels like a breath of fresh air and perfectly highlights each artist’s unique sound. It comes as no surprise that “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic Part 2” has seen quick success as well.

With the track out now, we caught up with Powfu and Rxseboy to chat about the collaboration and future plans. Read the interview and watch the video for “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic Part 2” below.


Prelude Press: “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic Part 2” honors the original song, but adds some incredible new layers to it. Did you guys have any goals in mind going into the remix?

Powfu: No we didnt have any goals. We just loved the vibe with Sarcastic Sounds new beat

Rxseboy: I think the main goal was to make a cool lofi-themed version of a song that was already sounding great.

What was it like collaborating with a large group for this remix, as opposed to just one or two other artists?

Powfu: It was cool. I do a lot of co-labs with Sarcastic and Rxseboy so that was rad. Originally Tate Mcrae had spit a verse but something happened so it was great having another amazing artist like Alec Benjamin hop on.

Rxseboy: It was awesome having more people than normal bring ideas to the table in order to make the best song possible.

Did you learn anything from one another when working on the song?

Powfu: No we just love working with each other and had a ton of fun. Alec did invite me to his place as he lives on the beach in LA which was dope and I live in Chilliwack BC.

Rxseboy: I learned that I have one of the worst sleep schedules known to man.

Could fans expect any more collaborations together in the future?

Powfu: Yes, we will definitely be doing more co-labs

Rxseboy: 10000000%.