Seasons After Return With Calamity Scars and Memoirs

Seasons After has returned with the release of CALAMITY SCARS AND MEMOIRS, issued to digital and physical retailers today.  The band’s first commercial release in four years is the first featuring Tony Housh (vocals), Chris Dawson (guitar), Jim Beattie (lead guitar), Tim Rails (drums) and Jesse Saint (bass). 

The band has premiered a lyric video for  the lead track “My Last Words” on, which can be viewed here:.  Guitarist Dawson offers, “As we were going through all the songs we wrote to select the final tracks for this album, ‘My Last Words’ was always one of the front runners. Musically, it captures the band’s heaviness, and has a lot of the elements we are known for from our debut, while also exhibiting our evolution to where we are now.  This track took on a few different forms over the recording process.  It took us a while to dial in everything around the chorus, to really create a vibe for the track as a whole.”  Singer Housh adds, “Lyrically this song is about the confusion of being in a relationship that is ripped between love, life, personal aspirations and the choice to say goodbye.  The verses explain the realization of just how dangerous I had become to the other person’s happiness, while the chorus is the bi-polar part of the tune. In reality, all I wanted was for her to know that I cared for her, and that she was all that ever mattered in the end. At that moment, my passion incited a willingness to lose everything to accomplish my goals.”

Formed in Wichita in 2006, Seasons After issued their debut release THROUGH TOMORROWindependently in 2008, and then to a broader universe via a label partnership in 2010.  The band found early success on the road appearing on the Vans Warped Tour, Taste of Chaos, and Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festivals, sharing the stage and touring with Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Stone Sour, and many others.  The THROUGH TOMORROW album featured a cover of Gerard McMann’s “Cry Little Sister,” a track that peaked at #13 on the Active Rock charts.  The accompanying video was added in to rotation at MTV, VH1 and Spike.  A second single “Getting Even” followed, also charting and being amongst the most requested songs at the format.   

Guitarist Dawson came up with the name Seasons After circa the band’s origin.  It is an accurate moniker, encompassing a philosophical mantra all five band members share.  Dawson offers, “Seasons After is about all the people that screw you over, and all the people you will lose to death in the passage of life.  Life is going to deal you some pretty difficult things, but through those struggles is where we truly find ourselves and what defines us as people.”

After writing and recording the band’s strongest collection of repertoire to date, CALAMITY SCARS AND MEMOIRS in many ways defines this quintet.  Guitarist Chris Dawson reflects, “I couldn’t think of a better way to describe a band who has been through so many trials and tribulations. The album tells a story  of the absolute struggle that the band has had to endure and the definite changes that have happened not only behind the scenes but also in the actual sound of the material for this album. This is truly an evolution from where we were circa ‘Through Tomorrow‘.”   Guitarist Beattie offers, “Chase your dreams or they’ll run away.  We all have problems, and the worst thing one can do is nothing.”  Drummer Rails adds, “The name Seasons After literally means ‘we are what’s next to come’… for every seasons turn, there is a new. No matter how bad or good things are, there will always be change and opportunity around the corner.”