Ladies Of Metal Exclusively Premiering New Single From Famined Records’ Prime Meridian

Famined Records’ artist Prime Meridian has partnered with Ladies Of Metal to exclusively premiere the band’s new single after playing it on their radio station yesterday afternoon. The single, entitled “Jackal,” is the band’s second single since the release of their 2013 full length Dialogues. Vocalist Shae Portner had this to say on the single, “The song is about an individual who deliriously wakes with a tunnel visioned image of his worst nightmare. He finds himself being dragged across cold wet cement drenched in the blood of others’ chandelier limbs. As his head trauma decays his peripherals fill with rusted tools and spent flesh. The flicker of fluorescent overheads shows that he is wrapped in barbed wire that smells of corrosive liquids. In the distance he hears the screams and howls of other victims of which he shares the same fate. The individual slowly mutters words of praise as he waits for death.” Prime Meridian is currently working hard on their new full length, but until then they hope fans enjoy the horror that is “Jackal!”

Stream “Jackal” on Ladies Of Metal