New Noise Magazine Exclusively Premieres Synodik’s A Matter Of Perception, EP Out Tomorrow

To continue their “Very Metal Winter” campaign, Imminence Records is pleased to announce that their Italian atmospheric death metal outfit Synodik have partnered with New Noise Magazine to exclusively premiere the band’s entire EP. A Matter Of Perception, which can be streamed HERE, which features two of the three tracks clocking in at over seven minutes long and serves as the band’s follow up to their 2012 full length Sequences For A New Matrix that combined powerful death metal and a sci-fi backbone. Guitarist Leandro Scotto commented on the EP by saying, “We are using the EP to mark a new era for the band after two years have passed since the release of out self-produced full length. The concept behind the music arises from the love and enthusiasm for the contemplation of the universe and its arcane structures and paradoxes, and this concept is a true passion that really inspired the music.”

Leandro went on to explain, “The EP is a journey that starts from the observation that the ways by which we can experience and explore the universe are conditioned by our limited point of view on reality, for example influenced by innate instincts and a determined conception of time. The structure we live in maybe is not the world we perceive. Our perception plays a great role in our experience because it filters the reality. It filters everything. In sub-atomic world, the Quantum Mechanics deny the Theory of Relativity, that theory that rules our macroscopic world, from our everyday lives to supernovae explosions. When we watch deeper in the structures of reality everything seems to be non-sense and in contrast to what happens in the world we know.” The artwork for the new EP was done by Fallujah vocalist Alex Hofmann.