One of the most mysterious and enigmatic musical entities to come out of Italy in recent years, Father Murphy, has premiered a new track over at TheQuietus.com – listen to “So This Is Permanent” here.  The band’s new album will be available March 17th from The Flenser.  Titled Croce, this new collection of dark psychedelic/industrial cabaret is a concept record about the cross (yes, it’s THAT cross – ‘croce’ in Italian), with one side of the record sonically representing the suffering and sacrifice and the flip side reflecting what comes after; the end of said suffering, resurrection, or perhaps oblivion.  This album marks the band’s fifth full-length release of their extensive catalogue (discography can be found below) and was recorded by John Dieterich in Albuquerque, NM and mixed by Greg Saunier earlier this year.  

The sounds Father Murphy creates on Croce are shadowy, the atmospheres muddy and murky, from which spring unexpected blurts of impossibly catchy noise pop, approaching at times something almost operatic, like some twisted musical detailing the trials and tribulation of the crucifixion.  Male and female vocals by Freddie Murphy and Chiara Lee intertwine over distorted blasts of guitar crunch, anchored by stuttering homebuilt percussion.  This sound is both textural and nuanced but also noisy and chaotic, and that chaos is carefully sculpted into jagged shards of fragmented pop, and that pop oven into a dramatic, almost theatrical song suite.  

The first side of the 8 song, 36-minute album finishes up with the song “In Solitude”, an appropriately dour slab of murky miserablism that sounds like a slow sonic death, a haunting dirge that dissolves into that ineffable space that exists between the record’s second side; the netherworld, the afterlife, Purgatory even.  But Father Murphy erupt from this stygian blackness with the second half of Croce (meant to be the light to the A side’s dark) and yet the opener is still somehow strangely doomy; a field of metallic shimmer and more junkyard percussion, strung together into a spare framework, over which dramatic male vocals soar, the female vocals responding like some demonic Greek chorus, but true to the theme, the vibe grows strangely warm.  Croce‘s finale, “They Won’t Hurt You”, is all majestic pipe organ, a stirring and stately court music, lush and lovely and epic, the sound of rebirth, redemptive and ultimately restorative, a return from the beyond, arisen from the grave, ascended into the heavens, the sounds drifting upwards, beyond the galaxy, the universe, into the unknowable infinity.  Croce is yet another masterpiece in Father Murphy’s pervasive and provocative story.  

2015 will see Father Murphy touring once again – they recently closed out US and Canadian dates with Iceage and upon their return to Europe, played a set at Michael Gira’s Mouth to Mouth Festival in The Netherlands – this time in support of Croce.  Check out the full list of tour dates below.



February 2 – Gromka, Lubljana, SLO w/Ronin

February 12 – Dal Verme, Roma, IT

February 13 – Controsenso, Prato, IT

February 14 – Cellar Theory, Napoli, IT

February 15 – Godot Art Bistrot, Avellino, IT

February 17 – Btomic, La Spezia, IT

February 18 – Magazzino sul Po, Torino, IT w/Futeisha

February 19 – Cave 12 Geneve, CH w/David Maranha & Helena Espvall

February 20 – Realive #5 at Le Ciel, Grenoble, FR

February 20 – Le 102, Grenoble, FR

February 21 – Bon Sauvages, Lyon, FR w/Mutterlein, Amor Fou

February 24 – Macao, Milano, IT

February 25 – Loco’s, Rovereto, IT

February 27 – Bronson, Ravenna, IT w/Melampus

February 28 – Chiesa S. Maria in Chiavica, Verona, IT*

March 12 – Secret Project Robots, Brooklyn, NY USA w/Kathleen Baird

March 13 – Venue TBA, Providence, RI, USA

March 14 – Sonorium, Salem, MA, USA

March 15 – John Doe Jr Recs and Books, Greenfield, MA, USA w/Bill Nace & J. Meginsky, Brett Renaud

March 16 – Deep Thoughts Record Store, Boston, MA, USA w/KTB, Humanbeast

March 17 – Space Gallery, Portland, ME, USA w/Afraid, 

March 18 – Casa del Popolo, Montreal, CDN w/Perverted Justice, Flesh Entry

March 19 – Mugshots, Ottawa, CDN

March 20 – The Cave, Toronto, CDN

March 21 – UFO Factory, Detroit, MI, USA

March 22 The Burlington, Chicago, IL, USA

March 23 The Pentagon, Ames, IA, USA

March 25 Bar Bar, Denver, CO, USA w/Of Earth And Sun, Echo Beds, and Shroud

March 26 Diabolical Records, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

March 25-27 Treefort Music Fest, Boise, ID, USA

March 28 – Beacon Sound, Portland, OR, USA

March 29 – The Black Lodge, Seattle, WA, USA w/Fever Witch, A story of rats, Mood Organ

April 1 – Hollywood Theater, Portland, OR, USA, Paper Circus 

April 3 – LCM Oakland, CA, USA w/Chasms, All Your Sisters

April 4 – The Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA, USA

April 5 – Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA, USA w/Xiu Xiu noise set

April 6 – Venue TBA, Tucson, AZ, USA

April 7 – Spirit Abuse, Albuquerque, NM, USA

April 8 – Grynde, El Paso, TX, USA

April 9 – North Door, Austin, TX, USA

April 10  – Korova Basement, San Antonio, TX

April 11 – Rubber Gloves, Denton, TX

April 12 – Spottswood, Memphis, TN

April 13 – Mono, Birmingham, AL

April 14 – Static Age, Asheville, NC, USA

April 15 – Pilot Light, Knoxville, TN, USA

April 16 – Venue TBA, Richmond, VA, USA

April 17 – The Holy Underground w/Theologian, Baltimore, MD, USA

April 18 – Azbetzos Shows, Philadelphia, PA, USA

May 2 – Klubovna Povalec, Prague, CZ

May 3 – Hemdendienst, Nurnmberg, DE

May 5 – West Germany, Berlin, DE

May 7 – Venue TBA, Stormstad, SWE

May 8 – Koloni Gbg, Göteborg, SWE, w/Diane Cluck, Sheik Anorak

May 9 – Mother, Stockholm, SWE, w/Modern Feelings

May 10 – Venue TBA, Copenaghen, DK

May 12 – Venue TBA, Hamburg, DE

May 13 – Hetbos, Antwerp, BE, w/BulBul

May 15 – Le Sud, Rotterdam, NL

May 16 – Cafe de Ruimte, Amsterdam, NL, w/Zea

May 19 – Stramonium Club,  Brighton, UK TBA

May 20 – Venue TBA  Bristol, UK w/MX LX

May 21 – Chameleon, Nottingham, UK

May 22 – Leamington SPA, UK

May 23 – The Black Heart, London, UK

May 24 – Bradford Threadfest, Bradford, UK w/Howie Reeve and more

May 25 – The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield, UK w/Howie Reeve

May 26 – Nice’n Sleazy, Glasgow, UK, w/Howie Reeve

May 27 – Tunnel 1, Aberdeen UK w/Howie Reeve

May 28 – Fat out ’till you pass out Event, Manchester, UK w/Howie Reeve

May 29 – The Kazimier Garden, Liverpool, UK w/Howie Reeve, a.P.A.t.T

May 30 – Venue TBA, Ipswich, UK w/Howie Reeve

June 2 – Venue TBA, Lille, FR

June 4 – Arrache toi un oeil event, Paris, FR

June 5 – Relax, Clermont Ferrand, FR

June 6 – Les Pavillions Sauvages, Toulouse, FR