Foreign Tounges to Release New Album "Fragile, As Said Before" On July 24th

Critically heralded New England indie-rock band Foreign Tongues has announced they will release a new album titled Fragile, As Said Before on July 24th via No Sleep Records. The record is currently available for pre-order at

In conjunction with the record’s announcement, Foreign Tongues has partnered with today to premiere a new song called “Assembly.” Stream it now at

”Assembly” is a song I wrote about the underlying theme of suicide,” vocalist/guitarist Cameron Moretti tells “A close hometown friend of mine’s family member took their life last winter. The whole chaos that surrounded the situation was one of the most overwhelming feelings I’ve ever been presented. I felt so much empathy for all their family and friends affected by the incident but couldn’t ever really come to terms personally with my own emotions surrounding it. Another large attribute of the song has to deal with being thankful for those who surround you, and fill your life with happiness, as well hospitality for others less fortunate to have the love and affection that most of us take for granted.”

Foreign Tongues latest record was produced by Defeater guitarist Jay Maas (Polar Bear Club, Title Fight) and recorded at Getaway Recordings in Boston. The record features 11 hazy, indie jams that recall alt-rock heroes Dinosaur Jr., post-punks Echo and The Bunnymen and contemporary indie favorites The National.

“We have never released anything in our musical discography aside from EP’s / Singles / and Splits, and although it is seemingly cliché  to say that our newest material is “different” than our prior work we feel very confident in effort we have put into getting the songs to where they are now,” says Moretti. “We approached the writing process at a newer angle than our past material and couldn’t be more ecstatic to share these songs with the world. Musically and lyrically it is the most personal collaborations we have came up with since our band’s existence and only hope others can feel that way.”

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Fragile, As Said Before Track List:

1. Fools of Love
2. Assembly
3. Halo
4. Hurt You
5. Little Doors
6. Sundress
7. Concrete Pillow
8. Placebo
9. Collect Yourself
10. Leap Year
11. Our Fragile Pain