The Banshee Pilot Premiere Official Video For “If You Wanted Riches, Honey, You Should’ve Married a Doctor”

Detroit-based alt rock band THE BANSHEE PILOT have unveiled their official music video for the single “If You Wanted Riches, Honey You Should’ve Married a Doctor.” The track is featured on the band’s recently released debut EP, which has been referred to as a sonic blend of My Chemical Romance and Panic! at the Disco. Fans can check out the video HERE, and can purchase the EP on the band’s official Bandcamp page.

“Filming this video was a test of teamwork, hard work, and passion,” the band explains. “The journey led us almost to being robbed at gunpoint. If you take anything from this video…heartbreak knows no discrimination.”

The Banshee Pilot will support the new EP and video with regional tour dates in the Midwest throughout the early part of 2016, and plan to release new material in the spring. For more information on The Banshee Pilot, be sure to follow the band onFacebook and Twitter.

Purchase EP on Bandcamp: