Banta Release New Single “Someday”

To kick off the new year, Los Angeles indie rock five-piece Banta have released their new single “Someday” off of their full-length debut album Dark Charms.The melodic track can be streamed on Popdose and on eOne Music’s official Soundcloud.

“Someday is about refusing to put your life on hold while waiting on someone else to fulfill their empty promises,” singer Sharaya Mikael explains. “Whether it’s a lover, parent, or even your career, it’s the idea that you are only responsible for yourself, and you can’t wait around on other people to live the life you want today.”

Banta formed in September of 2013 after musician Sharaya Mikael moved to Los Angeles from Nashville where she’d been pursuing a solo career. The band knows that a career doesn’t develop overnight – and they’re willing to put in the time. 

Mikael, who grew up in Portland singing and playing guitar, called it quits on a stable career in 2010 to follow her musical passion fulltime. After moving to Echo Park from Nashville, Mikael realized that her buoyant indie rock songs might be best conveyed with the help of a band. The group unveiled their debut EP in 2014, recorded with producer and Greylag frontman Andrew Stonestreet, and began playing shows around Los Angeles, including the Buzzbands LA Showcase at Echo Park Rising and opening slots at The Satellite, The Echo and The Troubadour. The continuous live shows eventually led to a signing with Highroad Touring Agency and the band toured with Houndsmouth in the summer of 2015.

Banta’s full-length debut album Dark Charms will be released February 12, 2016 via eOne Music/Fast Plastic.