Alesana Share “Hiatus” from Acoustic Compilation

Raleigh based record label Revival Recordings(owned by Shawn Milke of Alesana) has recently announced they will release an acoustic compilation album featuring it’s entire roster on January 29th called It’s All Acoustic. The second single was released today and is a new track from Alesana called “Hiatus”, which premiered with Revolver Magazine. It is a follow-up to the first single off the compilation that was released earlier this month by the label’s newest signing Famous Last Words (listen here).

Shane (bassist) and I wrote ‘Hiatus’ together as a way to examine where we are as friends and bandmates,” says Milke. “It is a song about change and the emotions attached to the experience. We wanted the song to be raw, to feel raw. No bells and whistles. Alesana has been a band for eleven years. Most of us were teenagers when we started this band and now we are grown men with families and new desires to explore fresh pursuits and challenges. Alesana is such a large part of who and what we are and this song is a recognition that all things, no matter how wonderful, eventually change and transform; but we can’t allow ourselves to forget the journey and how important, and fun, it was getting here.

It’s All Acoustic will be released on January 29th, but pre-orders are available now at the Revival website.

1. I’ll Be Home Soon – Famous Last Words 
2. Broken Maiden – Cabaret Runaway 
3. Hiatus – Alesana 
4. Casanova (C’est La Vie) – The Funeral Portrait 
5. Winona – Megosh 
6. Natural Born Thriller – Uh Huh Baby Yeah! 
7. Stand Up – Tempting Paris 
8. Nightingale – The Things They Carried 
9. Long Nights, Stupid Fights – The Legitimate Excuse 
10. Dancing Alone – Alesana