Anton Kellner & The Lone Stars Premiere Official Music Video for “Understand”

With the release of his sophomore album Understand last month, Anton Kellner & The Lone Stars made a notable splash in the alternative Americana/folk scene. To celebrate the release, the songwriter has teamed up with The Bluegrass Situation for the exclusive music video premiere of the album’s title track, “Understand.” The video holds special meaning to Anton and director Max Mitrochine, who produced the video overseas in Paris, France. The collaboration of songwriter to director was a special one, producing a hauntingly beautiful interpretation of the lyrics. Here is what Anton Kellner had to say about his experience creating the video for  “Understand“:

“I feel as though my director (who shot the video all the way in Paris) captured the melancholy of the song very well. We had tons of phone calls and collaborative ideas for the concept. I remember him telling me he would lose sleep over it, and it was all he could think about,  haunting him even. He would wake up in the middle of the night for a cigarette and have a strong idea for an ending, and then it would drastically change. It was a great artistic experience and it allowed freedom for the both of us to express.” – Anton Kellner

The video director, Max Mitrochine states:

“I had a lot of time to think about the concept and shoot the video with absolutely no pressure coming from Anton, who had complete confidence in me. One artist giving another artist the opportunity to express himself. I had a blast shooting “Understand“. The video will speak the art” – Max Mitrochine