Trapdoor Social Release Video For “Second Chance”

Los Angeles-based indie rock band TRAPDOOR SOCIAL have released the official video for their new track, “Second Chance.” The track precedes a double B-Sides album, out March 17th.  You can check out the video below! 

“‘Second Chance’ is a metaphysical adventure through time, undoing mistakes and breaking addictions, in an attempt to regain control over one’s life,” they say of the video. “It’s easy to become tethered to circumstances and day-to-day pursuits, but harder to figure out what’s worth pursuing in the first place. Too often we figure that out to late, but the video asks the question, ‘If you had a second chance, what would you do with it?'”

The B-Sides collection features two distinct albums, each individually highlighting the song-writing of one-half of Trapdoor Social’s creative partnership with “Download My Dream” having been penned by Merritt Graves, and “Kid in the Sky” by Skylar Funk.

Trapdoor Social blend their passion as musicians with serious dedication to environmental causes.  Their 2014 EP “Science of Love” was used to raise $35k in funding for solar roofing.  

The following December, the band toured to Colorado Springs to play RXP1039’s Christmas festival. Having discovered that the local high school (Mesa Ridge HS) marching band program was underfunded, the boys decided to record a song with the band to help launch a fundraiser to help keep the program alive and promote the benefits of music and arts education in the public school system.

“Fine On My Own” was released on April 20th, 2015 and has been on high rotation in Colorado and played in other major markets. The song attained “Hall of Fame” Status on Las Vegas’s X107.5 nightly contest”The Beatdown” by winning ten times in a row. Trapdoor Social toured to Colorado in May 2015 and promoted the fundraiser by organizing and performing a benefit show with the marching band.

The fundraiser brought in over $7K for the school.

The band is now back in LA working on a new album and a new solar project.