Sleeptalk Release Tour Video for “The Feeling”

Electro-pop quintet Sleeptalk have released a new music video for their single “The Feeling.” The track is a b-side from their forthcoming debut album, set to release on Gold Standard Records later this summer and features producer Rouxx. The video was shot while the band was on a recent tour with The Color Wild and it also being included on a free digital mixtape that the band is giving away to fans here. Watch the video now below! 

“‘The Feeling’ is one of many songs that didn’t end up making our debut record, but it’s a track that we’re still very proud of and felt that it deserved some spotlight,” says vocalist Anthony Fitzpatrick. “The song is about addiction, the hook ”Aye nothing makes you feel OK, we were just born this way,’ is the devil on my shoulder telling me its OK to keep going, but you’re fighting with yourself because you no longer want that addiction. Myself and one of my best friends Rouxx, who is also one of the producers for Sleeptalk, wrote this song together. We wrote this song in about an hour, everything flowed together so perfectly. It’s definitely a song we wanted everyone to hear.”

The band chose some of their favorite previously released tracks to include on the mixtape and decided to give it away to fans for free as a “thank you.” Fitzpatick says “Coming off our first tour, we wanted to show to our fans how much we appreciate the support and to let them know, this band is for them.”

Fans may also use promo code “LOVE” for 20% off of the remaining supply of Sleeptalk’s Tour Merch. These items will never be printed again.