PREMIERE: Left Hand Shakes Release Music Video for “Animals”

Denver indie rock band Left Hand Shakes have premiered their fun new music video for “Animals” today. The video, directed by Leslie Gaston-Bird gave the band a chance to let loose a bit – watch it now below! 

“Animals” comes from the band’s recently released EP, Don’t Act So Strange, available on Bandcamp HERE.

Vocalist/guitarist Josh Kern had this to say about the song and video:

“Making the video for ‘Animals’ (off our debut EP ‘Don’t Act So Strange’) was all about cutting loose and having fun. Our first music video, for the song ‘Bury Me’, was much more intentional; we had a clear vision and narrative in mind. With ‘Animals’, we wanted to take an approach that would lead to more spontaneous ideas and an overall carefree creative process. This led to multiple pre-production meetings with the producer, Leslie Gaston-Bird, where she and I blurted out the first ideas that came to mind. “Dancers! Sparkly vests! Animal masks!” Everything that sounded ridiculous to me at first ended up in the video.

In a word, the song ‘Animals’ is about self-deception. More specifically, watching a friend become surrounded by toxic people while continuously trying to convince themselves that they are something they’re not. The lines “repeating yourself again and again” and “repeating yourself until it’s obvious” highlight the false sense of self-reassurance involved in a process like that. While the song’s narrative is from a second-person point of view, I wrote it just as much about myself as I did anyone else.”

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