Mysterious Music Collective Sleep Token Release New Single & Video for “Nazareth”

The mysterious musical collective Sleep Token have released the music video for their new single, “Nazareth.” The song comes ahead of the band’s new EP, Two, out July 21st via Basick Records

Sleep Token are an entity unlike any encountered before. The mortal representatives of the ancient deity known only as ‘Sleep’, Sleep Token are led by the masked and cloaked figure appointed ‘Vessel’. Encountering Sleep in a dream, Vessel was led by a promise of glory and magnificence and as a result endowed with a voice not of this Earth.

Genreless and unbounded by tradition, Sleep Token create music for all. As followers of Sleep, Sleep Token‘s mission is to project His voice, and create music that conveys our most primal, powerful, and peaceful emotions.

Metal Injection and Metal Hammer amongst others are already initiates of the band, some of the first to ask – Who Are Sleep Token? To be honest, we don’t really care as long as they keep releasing great new music. 

As mortals, the four members of Sleep Token take inspiration from a plethora of artists: LeprousAgent FrescoBon IverMeshuggah, and many more filter through the band’s heavenly mouthpiece of Vessel.