Electric Century Releases New Song, “Hey Lacey”

Electric Century, the musical duo made up of My Chemical Romance’s Mikey Way and Sleep Station/New London Fire’s David Debiak, have shared “Hey Lacey,” another new track from their debut LP, For The Night To Control, due out July 14th on Panic State Records. The song can be heard now below! 

Alternative Press had an in-depth interview with the band and premiered “Hey Lacey“, a pulsating New Wave rocker exemplifying the album’s blend of moody synths and anthemic choruses. 

Formed in the aftermath of My Chemical Romance’s breakup, Electric Century evolved around the idea of returning to one’s roots to combat personal struggle. As Way and Debiak wrote For The Night To Control, the album began to take on a new importance. Its themes of addiction, death, and loss inadvertently mirrored the challenges that Way and Debiak were facing, in particular Way’s intense battle with drug addiction. 

Despite the album’s tumultuous creation, For The Night To Control exists as a means to heal and reconnect with the feeling of hearing formative music for the very first time. That spirit permeates the record, from its roots in the life-long friendship of Way and Debiak, to the album’s release on independent punk label, Panic State Records–a much needed step outside of the music industry machine. Even Electric Century‘s Britpop and New Wave channeling sound harkens back to the music that Debiak and Way grew up loving. The result is an album that transcends its volatile inception and can now be shared with listeners to provide the same much-needed catharsis that it gave its creators in their time of need.