Listen to DRMCTHR’s New Single, “Apartment”


Baltimore alternative pop band DRMCTHR has announced their signing to Darkshore Music Group along with their forthcoming full-length LP, Hold Your Love out November 17th, 2017. Along with the announcement, the band also shared the first single from the album, “Apartment,” which can be heard now below. As a first-taste of what to expect from the album, “Apartment” is a brooding, heavy song about the trepidation you feel in a relationship. It’s that feeling of doubt, of being unsure if you’re wanted in that way. It’s that split second of fumbling over yourself and being so self-conscious, over-thinking the moment you should jump in.

“We are very excited to finally share the first song, ‘Apartment,’ from our debut record with you and to announce our signing with Darkshore Music Group. Hold Your Love is a record that means everything to us and we couldn’t be more grateful to work with a group of people who have embraced this record and put everything they could into it.” – Chelsea Tyler

DRMCTHR has been turning heads with an atmospheric sound that falters the line between indie rock and pop with light-hearted shoegaze instrumentals that create a dreamy ambience. Consisting of Chelsea Tyler (vocals), Bryan Czap (guitar), Craig Perkins (bass), and Billy Wahler (drums), the band made their debut in December 2013 with the release of their first EP, Wonderlust. Produced at Mystery Ton Studios & Valencia Recording by Kenny Eaton, Paul Leavitt, & DRMCTHR, Wonderlust has garnered over 70,000 plays on Spotify. The band soon went on to play a variety of shows, sharing the stage with bands such as Spitalfield, Post Modern, Geoff Rickly, Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties, Rookie of the Year, Modern Chemistry, Owel, and more.

Having faced several challenges since the release of Wonderlust, including member changes and at one point the near end of the band, DRMCTHR is back with a newfound confidence. A change in spelling of the band’s name marks a new era for DRMCTHR as it represents the loss they have experienced, but also a bolder, stronger representation of who they have become. The band has returned with a refined style and sound as they prepare to debut their full-length LP, Hold Your Love. On the record, vocalist Chelsea Tyler states:

“We’ve spent every second of time, every dollar, everything on this record for the past 4 years. We struggled with keeping the band together, wrote with different musicians, went through different versions of the mixes, re-tracked some of the record – basically, everything that could go wrong while making a record did. There were days where we didn’t know if the band would make it, if the record would come out, or if we’d even finish the record. Every step forward would be followed with a road block, and then a few steps back. Every song has a story about the creation of this album. During the creation of this record we lost friendships, bandmates, were in a van accident – again, everything went wrong. But, we persevered and created something that we are so proud of.”