50 Songs 50 States Launch Kickstarter Campaign

Point North have shared a new song, "Into The Dark (Feat. Kellin Quinn)".

50 Songs 50 States is a unique project with one ambitious goal – to record one song in every single state, starting in 2018. Comprised of Denver musicians Aidan Grapengeter and Jacob Marshall of Little Car, the project has a relatively simple goal, but one that might be a bit difficult to reach, which is why the duo just launched a Kickstarter campaign that you can check out, learn more about and donate to HERE

Inspired by Jacob’s first trip to The Grand Canyon, he immediately called Aidan, the only one he knew would fully trust this idea as much as himself, and asked, “What if we went to all 50 states and wrote a song in each one?”

Thus, the 50 Songs 50 States project was born. Aidan and Jacob will set out on their journey January 1st, 2018, and head west. In each state, they aim to find people and places that inspire them and write a song from the experience. Anyone and everyone is invited to be a part of the project, whether it be playing an instrument on a song, singing, or just hanging out. 

Those who support the Kickstarter will receive some awesome gifts from the duo, including:

– A digital download or physical copy of the record once it’s out
– A postcard from a random state
– A song before it’s released
– A personalized thank you video or email
– Signed posted
– T-shirt
+ more!