Isador Shares Hypnotic New Single, “Jungle”

In her new video, 19-year-old South London artist Lola Young performs “Pick Me Up,” alone in her bedroom.



Isador, the multimedia project of Warren Heller, has released his hypnotic new track, “Jungle.” With layers of indie aesthetics and gritty textures of electronica, “Jungle” has a groove that makes you want to dance all night.

“I wrote ‘Jungle’ when I was living with my parents in New Jersey,” Heller explained to The 405, “I had just been signed to a record deal and was traveling to New York for meetings. It was an intense inflection point in my life. I was trying to figure out how to transition between these two worlds; realizing that I was leaving the comfort and safety of the house I grew up in for a city and industry that could never live up to the dreams I had for them. ‘Jungle’ is me realizing it was time to move forward regardless.”

Listen to the track now below!