One Up Release Hilarious Music Video for Debut Single, “Laid and Paid”

When The Dream Syndicate emerged in the early 80s, front man Steve Wynn declared, “We’re playing music we want to hear because nobody else is doing it.”

Detroit’s newest pop punk band, One Up have released the music video for their debut single, “Laid and Paid.” The video was directed by Branden Lee Keller and is a humorous parody of typical country music motifs: cowboy boots, pick-up trucks, and tire swings. The song was mixed and mastered by Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Motorhead, Funeral For a Friend).

On the new single, singer/bassist Alan Reitman shares: “‘Laid and Paid’ is a funny way of saying ‘I can’t stand you. But after a couple beers, expect a phone call.'” 

Fronted by brothers Nick and Alan Reitman on vocals, guitar, and bass with TJ Mulawka on drums, One Up pulls from musical influences like blink182 and Neck Deep to create their upbeat, playful sound. The band’s humorous lyrics calling out ‘millennial culture’ are playing a part in bringing fun, pop-punk music back to the Metro-Detroit area.

Following their release of their first single “Laid and Paid,” One Up plans on releasing their first full-length album later this year.