Cody Lovaas Shares New Single, “Turbulence” Featuring Caroline Pennell



SoCal pop singer-songwriter, Cody Lovaas has released his newest single, “Turbulence” featuring Caroline Pennell. “Turbulence” is the third track from Cody in 2018, with “Prove It” released in January, followed by a collaboration with Shallou and Kasbo in February that has already garnered over 2 million streams.

Of the song, Cody says, “I am so excited about this song – not only because we have Caroline Pennell as an amazing feature on the track, but also because the story rings true to me. It’s about someone who loves in a ‘ride or die’ type way to everyone. When someone falls in love too fast and too hard too often, they’ll burn out. Caroline and I had one simple goal during our writing session – to tell a story. Once we wrote most of the song, we figured we should be telling both sides of the story instead of just mine. And I love the way both halves of the story came together.”