Black Satellite Share Music Video for “I Don’t Wanna Be Me”

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Black Satellite are celebrating this Friday the 13th with the premiere of the aggressive and hard-hitting music video for “I Don’t Wanna Be Me.” The song was recorded as a tribute to Type O Negative and lead singer Peter Steele leading up to the anniversary of his death tomorrow. 

On the track, singer Larissa Vale shares “We were inspired by the song conceptually, and wanted to take creative liberty in really making it our own. People may say prematurely that ‘it doesn’t sound like the original,’ but it really sounds like us as a band, and that, we are truly proud of. The emotional context of the song remains intact and we hope that fans will enjoy this version as much as we did making it.”

The video features drumming sensation Casey Cooper, and is the second part of this project, alongside the previously released video for “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” On the project, Black Satellite shared “We wanted to release these songs as a tribute to the legacy that Pete left behind. These are big shoes to fill, literally, and we saw it not only as a challenge, but a way for us to experiment and grow artistically. There is definitely something to be said in his music, and covering the songs was our way to recognize that and tip our hats to him.” 

Both tracks will be available across all DSPs tomorrow, April 14th.