Kostka Shares New Single, “Motions”

Midwestern indie/alternative project Kostka has released their warm new single, “Motions.” Arriving just in time for some (hopefully) warmer weather, the new track can be heard now below. 

Kostka mastermind and frontman Alex Kostka has been hard at work in the studio this year, and with plans to release even more new music before 2018 is up, he’ll be staying busy for the foreseeable future. Stay connected with Kostka on Facebook for more updates! 

Alex Kostka is a consummate songwriter of the Midwestern indie scene. Honing his craft since the precociousness of his preteen years, his style is steeped in the richness and vacillating seasonal character of his surroundings. From autumnal balladry to a summer vivacity, his songs encapsulate plaintive yearning and indelible optimism. An aura of wanderlust and determination define his aesthetic. The vicissitudes of youth, bridled but urging to break free, inform his narratives, conveyed via his emotive voice and delicate melodies.

“Life experiences, travel, the ups and downs of everyday life, the struggle of staying afloat but the satisfaction of finding your path through it all,” Alex says of what influences his tunes.

With an acoustic guitar in hand, Alex began playing shows at age 11, performing in basements, garages, and Knights of Columbus halls. In this troubadour capacity, he took his songs on the road and toured the country. More recently, he’s fleshed out his sound by forming a full band. In March 2017, the newly christened KOSTKA four-piece released the debut “Far From Near” EP, recorded in Bay City by the band’s current guitarist and Vince Dynamic honcho Chris Tanner.

On the horizon, KOSTKA is to record their full-length debut in the winter of 2018, followed by a national tour upon the album’s release.