Tired Lion Release Music Video for New Single, “Where Were You”




Tired Lion have released the music video for their latest single, “Where Were You.” The heavy-hitting rock anthem that puts lead singer Sophie Hopes’ high-energy vocals and biting lyrics on full display over a visceral soundscape.

The song deals with the absence of someone Hopes really cared about during her formative years. The infectious melody and raw relatability of the track is sure to anchor any summer playlists in need of some punch, and become a highlight of their notoriously dynamic live show. Watch the video now below. 

Sophie Hopes regarding “Where Were You”:

“It started with a melody I hummed in a grocery store, I think it was Inglewood coles?—  I remember humming the tune all the way home because my phone had run out of battery and I really wanted to remember it. I must have looked like a crazy person at the checkout – so vacant constantly humming the opening melody to the song. “where were you when I was growing up”.  The tune felt like it was going to be sort of a palate cleanser within the set that would veer away from those ultra heavy-Pumpkins inspired guitar moments on the rest of the album. Think Pavement meets Waaves. The song was fleshed out over time- and I feel the choruses were the most collaborative songwriting wise across the entire record.

The song dances around the idiom ’sweep it up under the rug’, something everyone does. We refuse to acknowledge a situation or withhold important facts to avoid embarrassment and public scrutiny. Due to some pretty crazy circumstances, someone I really cared about couldn’t be there for me when I was younger and for some reason, I felt like I couldn’t talk about it, so I wrote a song.”