Sophia Black Releases New Single, “Blessed”


Sophia Black has released “Blessed,” the second track from her forthcoming, Hi Sweetie. The new EP, which also features “Real Shit” [feat. Kyle], is set for release during the Summer of 2018 on Kin Paku/independently popular./Amigo Records. 

The new EP, Hi Sweetieis a ten-song escapade through romance, relationships, and memes I.R.L., is soundtracked by pop ambition, hip-hop flavor, and indie panache (as well as compact disc clicks). As a result, the project offers a decidedly “tactile” experience.

“People don’t get that ASMR vibe and experience from listening to an album anymore,” says Black. “If you listen to Hi, Sweetie on Spotify, you’re still going to hear the beeps of the CD player. I was inspired to give listeners this moment of being intimate with an album in-person. When I was growing up, I didn’t have a lot of friends. My friends were records. A lot of the romance I had was expressed through the music I listened to. The project concludes on the emotionally charged and sweepingly gorgeous affirmation of “blessed” [feat. Lunchmoneylewis].”

The new song dives into Black’s personal struggles, overcoming a period where the fog of life has put her into a negative headspace. “It felt like all I could think of was bad stuff,” she recalls, “so when I got into the studio with Naz, I started writing down every positive opposite of what I was thinking… and voila! Blessed!”

The optimistic outlook lead to a wave of positive reactions in her life. Black shares multiple credits and co-writes with Kyle on his new album, Light Of Mine, out today. One of those tracks in specific, “Ikuyo” which features both Black and 2chainz, appeared last week on Spotify’s New Music Friday and gathered coverage in PaperComplexBillboard. On Light Of Mine, Black is also credited with co-writing “Ups & Downs,” “Games,” “iMissMe,” and “Rodeo” which features Khalid.

Since emerging in 2014, this Los Angeles born and based pop disruptor has worked towards conjuring such a trip for listeners, fashioning a style as diverse as her trilingual Japanese and Native American background. Moreover, the songstress built up a loyal following along the way.

The last time we heard from her was 2015’s self-titled EP, which yielded a string of independent viral hits. “Anchor” clocked over 4 million Spotify streams as “Mizu” surpassed the 2-million-mark, and “Vibration,” “K I S S I N G,” and “OVR AGN” all cracked 1 million. Between steady touring nationwide, she drew acclaim from i-D MagazineIdolator, and Noisey, among others.

“I’m a firm believer in affirmation,” Black says of the positivity she channeled into her success. “I hope that people who don’t feel like they have what they want can sing along to this song and convince themselves those things are attainable… like Takis… I want Takis.”

In the end, Black creates a body of work as timeless as CDs and as shareable as your favorite meme.