Chloe Kohanski Shares New Single, “Come This Far”




Chloe Kohanski has released her brand new single “Come This Far”produced by MXM. Listen to it now below! 

Chloe speaks passionately to the song’s message of empowerment:

“‘Come This Far’ is for anyone who has faced adversity. For anyone who has come from nothing… struggled and fought for their voice to be heard. For anyone who has manifested their own path and created their own destiny. I want anyone who hears this song to experience two minutes and fifty-seven seconds of bold faced encouragement to achieve every single one of their wildest dreams and then some.”
On Tuesday May 22, she makes a triumphant return to the season finale of NBC’s The Voice in order to perform the song for the first time on network television.

Nashville native Chloe Kohanski was the season 13 winner of NBC’s Emmy Award-winning “The Voice.” She captured the hearts of millions on the show, but this was no overnight sensation. From the time she was a young girl, Chloe always wanted to pursue music. The road wasn’t easy. Early on she fronted several local bands but nothing ever seemed to stick. Chloe took a leap faith and auditioned for “The Voice,” season 13. Since winning the show, it has been a nonstop whirlwind. Currently, Chloe is in the studio working on her debut release. The new music will showcase her distinctly raspy vocal style and pay tribute to her rock and roll heroes. Stay tuned for new music via Republic Records soon.