GOLDN Releases “Once Upon A Star Pt. 1”



GOLDN, the avante-garde musician making waves within the music industry has dropped Pt. 1 of his Once Upon A Star project today. Featuring new songs “Break It” and “Love Me Blind”, which premiered yesterday with Atwood Magazine and Ones To Watch, respectively, this collection is part of a larger “storybook” project all about love, heartbreak and finding yourself on the other side of it all. “It’s about the phases of love, heartbreak and what comes next — painting the story of who I am today.”

Once Upon A Star is available for fans to stream today at  

GOLDN is difficult to pin down with words. He is a visual and audible force with undeniable talent and charisma with laser like vision and a concrete sense of self. Once Upon A Star is a project that tells a story so many people know too well. GOLDN started off his description of the project sharing “So this is where it gets intense. I met this girl. I realized if I gave her my heart, she’d probably break it and just smoke it.” Each song is preceded by the start of a new chapter in this story, which will only continue to grow as time goes on. “This is the chapter where I basically said f**** everyone’s advice, I’m going to go for it anyway.” Fans have to stay tuned to see how this story ends.

GOLD’s musical influences range from hip hop to punk rock to pop. Atwood Magazine heralded his ability to cross genre lines sharing that “‘Break It’ is a midseason grab for an essential late summer track, with a great pop instrumental and all the epic emotions of mid-2000’s pop-punk.”

Not only a solo artist, GOLDN is sought after to creatively join some of the biggest names across genres as a songwriter, collaborator, guest vocalist and more. He recently celebrated the release of “Be Right Here,” a massive summer hit collaboration with Kungs and Stargate. The release of “Mama I’m So Sorry” brought about comparisons to “The Weeknd’s melodies and early Kanye” via Ladygunn.                                                    

“I’m trying to build, trying to be a voice for the culture, trying to affect the next generation. My goal is to be that rockstar of emotions. Going through life numb is a crazy, dangerous thing. I want to create a safe space for my audience to be whoever they want to be. Truly expressing the way you feel is the only way you find yourself.” This goal is being recognized by fans and press, with Ones to Watch recently sharing that “He throws mainstream relatability to the wayside, breaking down the social pressure to be masculine to the point of restraining emotion.”

For GOLDN, it’s all about starting a conversation, earning the audience’s trust, and then opening up a dialogue for completely free expression. He holds the keys to a whole new universe you haven’t seen yet.