JP Cooper Releases Music Video for New Track, “All This Love” Featuring Mali-Koa


Critically acclaimed UK singer and songwriter JP Cooper has released “All This Love” [feat. Mali-Koa] today via Republic Records. The accompanying music video brings the story to life in vivid animated form. Drawing inspiration from Tim Burton classics and Disney’s Coco, this Day of the Dead-inspired parable unfolds with epic energy.

About “All This Love,” Cooper commented, “When thinking about this track, I was massively inspired by Tim Burton and the new animated movie Coco. When we recorded it, we used quite a lot of ghoulish sounds, the BV’s, and little sound effects especially. Even the staccato piano on the last chorus sounds like it’s being played by a skeleton—almost like you can hear the bones. For some reason, I see this particular skeleton being a puppet on strings… animated still but a puppet. The chorus is him waltzing with the memory of the girl down the corridors of the house and in and out of rooms staring into each other’s eyes.”

This marks the first collaboration between Cooper and Mali.

In addition to attracting a massive social following, Mali just signed to Island UK and will be releasing new music soon!