Lido Drops New Single “Corner Love” Featuring Unge Ferrari



Fresh off the success of July’s critically praised single “3 Million”, acclaimed producer, singer, songwriter and recording artist Lido has released his new track, “Corner Love” featuring Norwegian Hip-Hop/R&B artist Unge Ferrari.  The single releases today via all digital platforms and continues to display Lido’s modern take on music with a moody twist. 

“Corner Love” displays Lido’s strengths, bringing a unique variety of instruments, vocals and background layers. Unge Ferrari’s contribution brings an intensity that organically compliments Lido’s signature production and emotionally driven tone.  Additional guest background vocals on the track come from acclaimed actors Colin Gilliard and Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out, Black Panther), who have a long friendship with Lido from his time in Los Angeles.

Lido and Unge Ferrari (which means “young Ferrari” in English) are old friends from the same circle in Oslo. They rekindled their friendship when NRK (national Norwegian TV) brought them together for an interview where they were challenged to create a song using a Kazoo as a key element. The two have worked together on multiple projects since, including the most recent “Corner Love.” Unge’s verse in “Corner Love” is in Norwegian- which was important to Lido to help give homage to his roots.

Quote from Unge Ferrari: “Me and Lido finally got back in the studio together in early 2018 to work on a secret project. But in the middle of it all…out of the blue…we ended up doing this beautiful song together. It’s always an honor to get to hang out with Lido, and an even greater honor to contribute with a verse.”


Lido expresses thanks on the track.


For being a friend

and for reminding me of how much I love my city.

Thank you, Ferrari. I O U.


For being a friend

and for helping me feel at home in

your city.

Thank you, Colin. I O U.


For being a friend

And for showing me your city, it’s culture and how much you love it.

Thank you, Daniel. I O U.


:In a <orner

In the <ity

There is someone like you.: