Donna Missal Releases Two New Videos for “Keep Lying” and “Jupiter”


New Jersey native Donna Missal has just a few tracks to her name, but she has been making quite an impact among fans so far. Today, she has teamed up with Vevo DSCVR to release not one, but two new live videos for “Keep Lying” and “Jupiter.” Check out both clips now below. 

Donna Missal’s mighty set of pipes fit somewhere between the smoky pop softness of Lana Del Rey, the soulful strength and grit of Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard and the retro rocker howl of Janis Joplin. With debut single “Keep Lying,” Missal fired off as an undeniably forceful first punch, that first sparked the airwaves after the track premiered on Beats 1 and skyrocketed to the top of the Spotify Viral charts. The song exemplified the depth of her range as an artist, as she softly sings of being seduced by deception. As the listener is lulled into a false sense of safety by the track’s honeyed throwback of an arrangement, Missal’s vocal shatters through on a potent – and massive – chorus. A common denominator in all of her music, Missal’s vocal acrobatics make it abundantly clear that her distinctly rare talent won’t get lost in the static.